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Geisha Assassin by schwarzeeis
Geisha Assassin
hey peeps,
 another new character for ya to enjoy while i think out something new.thanks bunches for visiting ;)
*till the dragon flies again,hugs and regards*,
Uriel by schwarzeeis
~Uriel's highest position is that of an Angel of Presence, Prince of Presence, Angel of the Face, Angel of Sanctification, Angel of Glory. A Prince of the Presence is an angel who is allowed to enter the presence of God. Uriel along with Suriel, Jehoel, Zagagel, Akatriel, Metatron, Yefefiah, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Nathanel (Zathael) holds this position. The Angel of His Presence title is often taken to mean Shekinah but it and the other terms mentioned are also often used as alternate names for the angel Metatron. R. H. Charles comments in his translation of The Book of Enoch that in later Judaism "we find Uriel instead of Phanuel" as one of the four angels of the presence.~
  hello again peeps,
here's my newest. i've been experimenting a lot's been a while since i've come up with this many new ideas all at once. my muse really rocks lol.
anyhoo enjoy.
*till the dragon flies again,hugs and regards*,
*created in daz3d and pscs2*
valkryie II by schwarzeeis
valkryie II
~The word valkyrie derives from Old Norse valkyrja (plural valkyrjur), which is composed of two words; the noun valr (referring to the slain on the battlefield) and the verb kjósa (meaning "to choose"). Together, they mean "chooser of the slain". The Old Norse valkyrja is cognate to Old English wælcyrge.[2] Other terms for valkyries include óskmey (Old Norse "wish maid"), appearing in the poem Oddrúnargrátr, and Óðins meyjar (Old Norse "Odin's maids"), appearing in the Nafnaþulur. Óskmey may be related to the Odinic name Óski (Old Norse, roughly meaning "wish fulfiller"), referring to the fact that Odin receives slain warriors in Valhalla.[3] ~

hiya guys,
 i'm glad to see you all enjoying my art.i've been pretty inspired lately as you can see. what's next ? hmm not sure you'll see in a day or so i think.have a good one ...
*till the dragon flies again , hugs and regards*,
Pantera II by schwarzeeis
Pantera II
~ pantera is described as a beautiful woman ... half goddess half panther "mezcla de diosa y pantera" in some parts of south america...~
 good morning friends,
hope you're having fun .thanks eternally for stopping by my ever growing gallery.thanks also to all the groups who share my work on their pages to even more artists.lastly thanks bunches thanks to alllll the content creators worldwide for the incredible work they do...ya'll are awetabulous.
  enjoy my newest peeps ;)
*till the dragon flies again,hugs and regards *,
*created in daz3d and pscs2
D'Janna- Winter Hunt by schwarzeeis
D'Janna- Winter Hunt
thanks for stopping by.another quick image for ya today to check out while i get another project started. enjoy peeps,
*till the dragon flies again,hugs and regards*,
ps created in daz3d and pscs2
Ars Bellum Mission Statement
The Ars Bellum Foundation is dedicated to bringing the universal experiences of servicemen and women around the world, and the diverse and powerful artwork they create, out of the shadows to lead the fight in recovery from PTSD and TBI.


 We raise funds to provide practical support to veterans and their families coping with the debilitating effects of the traumas of their service, such as service dogs, home therapy, reintegration services and other means that provide direct and practical help. All service members who have seen war, regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality, experience the same things: courage and fear, camaraderie and loneliness, sorrow, rage, compassion, and patriotism. The Ars Bellum travelling multimedia art exhibition features works created by veterans as part of their own healing process from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, and all proceeds from the exhibition and related activities are put to work in direct and tangible ways for these dedicated patriots.


 The consequences of war are devastating for everyone, from the home front to the battlefront, and continue long after the last bullet is fired. Join us as we share our experiences, our sacrifices and our pain to expose the true devastation of war, heal the hidden wounds of our service members, and bring humanity closer through the universal language of art.…

hey peeps,
if you'd like to help drop a message in my inbox or visit us on facebook we're looking for all kinds of art
thanks in advance ;)
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  • Reading: websites
  • Watching: everything
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: grilled cheese
  • Drinking: orange juice,coffee


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hmm... what can i say about me...i'm just a crazy old guy who loves all kinds of art ,history,comics,tv,movies.i've got more hobbies than i could possibly write here as well.
though i am a native of baltimore,maryland i've lived in germany for more than 20 years.
who knows what's next for me.till i find out LET'S ROCK!

Current Residence: boogie down bergl,schweinfurtgermany
Favourite genre of music: hip hop ,rock
Favourite style of art: fantasy,renaissance
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: hct
Favourite cartoon character: batfink
Personal Quote: just cause it's covered in syrup doesn't make em pancakes

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